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Liquid Strategies Theta Income Fund

Designed for investors seeking an alternative to traditional short duration fixed income solutions

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Liquid Strategies Theta Income Fund


Designed for investors seeking an alternative to traditional fixed income solutions while delivering daily liquidity, targeting attractive returns, low volatility and low sensitivity to interest rates and equities.



CUSIP: 46141P271


INCEPTION DATE: 04/01/2014



Risk Factors

*The fund’s adviser has contractually agreed to waive its fees and/or pay for operating expenses of the Fund so as to limit expenses to 1.25% (LQTIX) until April 30, 2021. The Fund’s adviser is permitted to seek reimbursement from the Fund, subject to certain limitations, of fees waived or payments made to the Fund for a period of three years from the date of the waiver or payment.

Risk Considerations - The Fund invests in fixed income securities, options on indices or exchange traded funds (ETFs). Accordingly, it may be subject to equity risk and fixed income risk affected by general market conditions in addition to ETF risk. There can be no guarantee that the strategy of the Fund will be successful.

**Liquid Strategies LLC as Investment Adviser to the Fund may waive these minimums lower for use by institutional investors, such as retirement plans.

The LS Theta Fund is distributed by IMST Distributors, LLC, which is not affiliated with the Adviser.

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How to Purchase Fund

The Theta Income Fund is widely available through leading financial intermediaries (e.g. brokerage, registered investment advisers, etc.).
To purchase the Fund through an existing investment account, please contact your Financial Adviser. 

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To directly invest in the Theta Income Fund, follow these 3 steps:

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